about KAORI  LAB


Kaori Taniguchi


公益社団法人 日本アロマ環境協会 アロマテラピーインストラクター

日本メディカルハーブ協会 ハーバルセラピスト







I finished the aromatherapy instructor course of Neal's Yard Remedies, and I've got a qualification as an Aromatherapy instructor of the Aroma Environment Association of Japan. I was just interested in good scent and perfumes at first, however, I've studied the chemistry of essential oils, how it works in our bodies and also nutrition. Now I'm sure that Aromatherapy helps the body.
Aromatherapy is getting more popular these days, we can find it anywhere. But some of them contain impurities and also it possibly causes headaches if you use it the wrong way.

I'm happy to teach you about aromatherapy and medical herbs. I am also skilled at making handmade crafts which includes massage oil, room spray, bath salt. If you are interested please contact me about the lessons.

Also for offices, cafés, bars, using aromatherapy is great way to create an atmosphere that focuses on business or the comfort of customers. Let me suggest ways to make ideal environment.